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Team Ben Austin Rally Racing!


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Q's with Answers

These are Some Q's & Answers!

What is A rally?

a rally is a type of car that race dirt and pavement they have long suspention arms with rain tires so that they handel good on the dirt but they dont have spikes so that it dosent get torn off by the Asphalt!

Is a Rally Gas or Electric?

Well a RS4 Rally is Electric but, Hpi also makes a SNR Super Nitro Rally, which is gas.

What is the purpose of the wing?

The wing serves two purposes put down force on the rear end so you have beter grip! 2. for when you jump it gives the back end more weight so you land on your back two wheels!

List of Tips

What is a rally?
Is a Rally Gas, or Electric?
What is the purpose of the wing?