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R/c car Tips!

Instructions on jumping ramps!

To succeed in jumps on not only with the RS4 Rally but all R/C Cars & Trucks Gas or Electric. Drive the car to about 10 feet before the jump then go into idle or neutral position then when the front wheels hit the jump floor the throttle then when the back wheels clear the jump return to neutral position until the car hits the ground then give it the throttle! Make sure that front wheels are higher than the back that way the longer shocks (in the back) take most of the hit that way the front shocks dont take the big landing hit! If you dont have a HPI Rally and the car hits even on all fours at the same time you will not have a chassis left! The HPI Rally can take a few bad landings! That is within sane limits! Which is about a 2 1/2 foot ramp


How to Build this ramp!

First take a sheet of plywood 4ft x 2ft then get a piece of 2 x 5 1/2 and !!!SCREW!!! (DON'T USE NAILS) that to one end of the Plywood Then you can insert 1x1 to ad an inch to the the jump! Caution don't try anything over 2 feet if you like your chassis the way it is!