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Team Ben Austin Rally Racing!

Welcome to Ben Austin's Radio Controled Rally Racing Team's Homepage!

I'm a radio controled racer FANATIC! I just love it! I race my Hpi RS4 Rally with a Mitsubishi Lancer Body! I am a true belever that Hpi makes the stronges most durable R/c Cars & Trucks and if you have reason to beleve not well E-mail me a tell me butcause I want beleve it till I had very hard evidence, VERY HARD evidence!

Let me introduce my self i'm 15yrs. old and I live in Columbia, SC. See we don't have that many race tracks here in Columbia (the only reason you just might have heard of us is because Columbia is the capitol of South Caralina) so I made my own track see my dog should have been a race horse he runs the track around in the backyard so I used that track for racing this might be the hardest track in the world see their's not any jumps or mud slids but the corners are unpredictable you hit that loose dirt and you beter corner that car beter than you have ever cornered that car before because you have about 1 foot of grce period then you a. hit a medal box b.hit a stack of lumber or C. hit a fence,then on both straitaways you have to doge a pole or a fence I have run that track more than anyone else and even I can't run 5 clean laps! I will Post Pic's of my track in the Gallery

Cat in needlepoint; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This Is the her the #1 Mitsubishi Lancer Piloted by the owner of the Team Ben Austin(ME)!


If you have any Q's E-mail me at and I will answer them under the Q's with Answers page on this site!

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